Individual pages or prints

If a large mural is too much to handle. Get individual prints of your pages.

They can be of various sizes or shapes. You're the designer. This has become a very popular way to make a wall. With our high-quality peel and stick wall coverings, you can rearrange many times to get it just right. If you want to add more pages later you can still rearrange on the wall. (over long periods of time adhesion may reduce)

Here we use the same techniques as printing a mural but you can alter your original plan because the pages will be available as their own prints.

It is best to pre-plan your wall. Use our downloads for grid planning

  • If you don’t have a drawing program may we suggest this link
  • This software is free and does an excellent job of arranging your art. You can upgrade to a premium version but the free version is all you really need. This program is also linked to free versions of photo editors or video editors. Useful programs just to have.

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