Getting started on your own wall

There are two steps...

Step 1: Design your walls

This is where you get your creative juices flowing. Create a plan of where you want all your pictures to be placed on your walls, including the size if you want some larger than others. Send us this design and we will make it happen.

  1. Scan or photo your album pages and do any adjustments you feel necessary sharpen, crop or resize with any photo editing software you like. Befunky is an online free program that will be fine for editing your pictures. It has a lot of embellishments available to help define your pictures. Click on this link to go to Befunky

       Befunky tutorial
  2. Once you have your photos just the way you want them then use our online wall mural program to design your wall.                      Scrapbook Walls Designer
    Scrapbook Walls Designer

         Watch Designer tutorial  We recommend you try this option first. Play with it, you will find it very easy to use. Please register with Scrapbook Walls before using the designer, that way we can help if anything goes wrong when you want to edit your wall in a later session.
  3. Or download a grid on our Development Tools page to place in your own graphic programs to build your wall. DrawPad is another online program that will help you place the images on your grid. The free version is all you will need.
  4. The Scrapbook Walls Designer will send your finished work to us. Other programs you use to develop your wall will need to uploaded.

Step 2: Send everything to us

Once you have your design, you will need to select the type of wall covering you want and upload the pictures you want on your wall. We do the work of placing your images. We will send you a proof before we print your wallpaper.

More on how to do design your walls

Planning your walls

The best way to plan your wall is to draw a grid on paper and number each
square. Here is an example for an 8-foot by 12-foot wall. Each square represents a 12-inch x 12-inch square. Of course, you can choose the size of grid you want.

wall grid
Example wall grid for 8-foot x 12-foot wall

Using this grid, position each picture where ever you would like. The pictures don't have to fit within a grid, you can make some larger than others if you wish. Here is another example using the same grid and a few pictures.

picture placement on grid
Placement of pictures on the wall grid

When you have your plan, just take a picture of it, or scan it, and send it to us along with your other pictures.

More on sending everything to us

Select your wall covering type

To get started, go to

Select the wall covering product you are interested in. We currently offer 5 different wall covering types.

Do it yourself

Rolls are like regular pre-pasted wall paper. It comes in 27 inch wide rolls or 54 inch wide rolls and comes with our extra Panel Guarantee. Price includes Tray, Wall smoother and knife.

Peel & stick standard

Simply peel the backing and stick on the wall. If the first attempt is crooked them just peel it off and re-position.

High quality. Re-positionable for 3 years

Peel & stick permanent

NEW! Re-positional on first installation then turns to permanent adhesion.
the newest of the 6.0-mil products and features a permanent acrylic
adhesive for lasting wall graphics.

Peel & stick fabric

High-quality re-positional wall covering.
longer lasting, will not tear or curl. It is re-positional for many years to

Commercial vinyl

A professional installer may be required.
Not pre-pasted.

Specify the size of your walls

Once you have selected your wall covering product, you will need to tell us the size of the walls you are covering. If you are covering more than one wall, please add the lengths together for the total length. We assume your walls are all the same height.

Upload you pictures

You'll notice a tab below the Add to cart button labelled Upload your pictures. Click on this tab.

Then click on the Upload Files button. A popup window opens that lets you either drag-and-drop your pictures to the window, or if you click on the window, a File Upload window opens and you can select all the pictures you want to use. Once all the pictures are there, click on the Send button. Uploading will take a few minutes, but once complete the popup window will close. You can click on the Upload Files button again to have a look at the pictures you have uploaded. You can even remove some if you want.

Please also upload a picture of your wall plan, and please make sure it has a name, such as my-wall-plan.jpg, that make's it easy for us to know which file is your plan.

When all your pictures, and our plan are uploaded, click on the Add to cart button.

Check out to complete your purchase

Once you have all the wallpaper you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, click on the View Cart link (or use the Wallpaper shop > Cart menu option) to complete your purchase.

If you haven't already registered with us, you will need to in order for us to contact you when you wall covering is ready for you review and in order to ship it to you. But do't worry, we will protect your privacy. Check out Our Privacy Policy for more information

Now sit back and relax while we print the necessary rolls of wallpaper and ship it to you.