About Us

Scenic Media Inc.

We are a Professional Wallcovering Installation company with over 13 years of installation experience of large scale projects such as large hotels to small one wall residential projects. Scenic Media has a wide variety of expertise in all types of materials from Commercial Vinyl, Specialty Papers, Flex Woods, Foils, etc. We pride ourself on Quality Installations for your space to look its best.

Scenic Media is a proud member of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers. This gives us an advantage over most wallcovering installation companies. With this advantage, we are able to gain extra training and information on a wide variety of materials that are available in the marketplace to ensure that you get the best install possible.


Large Scale Production

We excel at large scale installations such as Hotels, Office Buildings, and various types of Residential complexes where large production is the key to getting your job done. We use Paste Machines to make sure that a desirable and productive pace is kept up throughout your job for quality and consistent results.

Not sure what materials will work best for your application? Scenic Media is more than willing to go through the process with you to finding a wallcovering supplier, measuring, estimating, installing and making sure you get the most out of your wallcovering.

Residential Installation

Within our Residential portfolio, there are many varieties of specialty materials that range from Vinyls to recycled materials to foils and even a great selection woods. These types of wallcoverings are meant to enhance your homes look and feel. Let us take the stress off by installing it for you. Our installers have had years to figure out what works to achieve the best results out of your Wallcovering.

*Scenic Media is backed by our own WCB and Liability insurance*